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Nayak Institute of Inforamation Technology for computer studies is a leading computer training center in Gorakhpur, building skilled manpower tool for global industry requirements. Launched in 2015. . The Main Function of the Organization is to provide education to middle & lower middle class student so that money should not become hurdle in fulfill this purpose institution provide various long and short term courses like ADCA, DCA, TALLY AUTOCAD and different type of language.

Our mission is to studied student properly and to provide better higher technical education. Training at Academy for computer studies (acs) is designed in a very project oriented way. From the start of the course we keep in mind that the student should not only be given the conceptual or theoretical knowledge but also the practical knowledge. Not only this, a student is prepared to face the interview on the completion of the course by giving them interview handling tips as well


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Mission To make masses of Nayak Institute of Inforamation Technology Institute of , Computer literate and help them in developing the good qualities of living.

To becoome the best company in providing the quality Computer Education and Services.

To develop a team, which works togather in the work, as well as when they are off work.

To devleop those professionals, which have a proper knowledge in their fields and have skill to work in an enterprise enviroment. To develop an ideal personality in persons who are Associates for the company.

Vision To become the best Education Provider Company of the world by tourching millions of people arround the globe, by providing essential Computer Education, quality produce and services at very resonable and affordable costs, with the help to achieve financial freedom, To establish itself as a globe pioneer in the IT Industry, In Research, Development and Training with a global market share of at least 4% by the end of 2015.

We are the Information Technology training division of Academy For Computer Studies founded in 2010.We are ranked among the best training institutes in 7 Years. The institute has trained 10000 approx Students with Quality Education, A wide variety of career, professional, short-term & certification courses designed for the learning & career needs of students, working professionals & others.